Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beer vs. Gravity vs. Inertia

BrankyP says I should add a comment to my blog saying "Getting readers by gravity" - a joke on both (a) not blogging often, and (b) having a large head, which causes smaller objects to be pulled towards it.

Which is stronger - gravity or inertia?

In physics, it depends on the velocity of the body in motion, the ratio of masses, etc. In business, it's deadlines (gravity) vs. things as usual (inertia). Deadlines are like gravity, and force almost everything else to bend to their great mass. BKMs, processes, reviews, are all inertia, with the believe that if we just keep doing the same thing it'll work in the end.

Jheez I need a beer - I was wondering about our project finishing, and now I just thought "Oh, maybe that's us vs. the competitor too". Now I wonder if it's why I still work at the same place.

Which brings up the bigger question - which is stronger: beer, gravity, or inertia? I think beer is. It can win over deadlines and just doing the same thing over and over.

Think I'll go get one.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Team Building vs. Beer

Had a team building event yesterday - Quarterly in our corporate misspeak. Spent tons of money so that people could go out paddling on canoes / pseudo kayaks / paddle boats and splash each other, or do tug-of-war and 3-legged races on land. Now, trying to splash or capsize your corworkers isn't normally considered team building, nor is pitting half of your employees against the other half. But, at least they're moderately fun, vs. the made up games they have (lava logs, spider web) to try to encourage everyone to work together, and you're only competing against yourself.

But, even more interesting, a few of us just sat around and had a few pitchers of beers and hung out. Best team building event we ever had. Why? CherkyB would say it's the beer, and he'd be right. Beer provides the reason to sit around the table and talk to each other (vs. trying to kill each other). Beer - helping people sit around and talk for over 6000 years. And that's one of the reasons we're not just animals in pants. Beer. It's 8:30 am on Saturday, is it to early for a beer?