Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beer vs. Gravity vs. Inertia

BrankyP says I should add a comment to my blog saying "Getting readers by gravity" - a joke on both (a) not blogging often, and (b) having a large head, which causes smaller objects to be pulled towards it.

Which is stronger - gravity or inertia?

In physics, it depends on the velocity of the body in motion, the ratio of masses, etc. In business, it's deadlines (gravity) vs. things as usual (inertia). Deadlines are like gravity, and force almost everything else to bend to their great mass. BKMs, processes, reviews, are all inertia, with the believe that if we just keep doing the same thing it'll work in the end.

Jheez I need a beer - I was wondering about our project finishing, and now I just thought "Oh, maybe that's us vs. the competitor too". Now I wonder if it's why I still work at the same place.

Which brings up the bigger question - which is stronger: beer, gravity, or inertia? I think beer is. It can win over deadlines and just doing the same thing over and over.

Think I'll go get one.


CherkyB said...

It's not just your head that has the big gravity. Have you taken a look at your gut lately? Probably every time you try to see your toes, I imagine.

Here, I'll give you a better tagline: "Investigating the impact of beer on a wide variety of topics." Yes, it also sucks as a tagline, but since your blog seems to be primarily dedicated to figuring out creative ways to work the word "beer" into inane ramblings, it is perhaps more accurate.

I'm going to have to re-read this post. I didn't follow it at all. We started out talking about your big, gigantic head, and that morphed into some kind of management double-speak about gravity and inertia, and then it was about beer.

Is it happy hour yet? StinkyJ and BrainkyP are out, so you're in charge. Or maybe I am. I could use a beer. It's amaing how reading about beer can do that to you.

momma said...

Wow. It doesn't get any better than this.

CherkyB said...

OK, I re-read it, and it is still just incoherent rambling. Do you blog drunk? If so, stop. If not, start.

The Mrs. said...

Whose head is bigger, yours or BrainkyP's?

CherkyB said...

So, uh, Mr. B, ya see, one of th ekeys to making money off the old blog is to post stuff. Ya see, if you post stuff, then, like, some people may come to the site. And if they come to the site, like, every now and then they might take a look at an ad. Ya see, advertisers like to have people, you know, like, actually see their ads.

You were painting this weekend. Surely something funny happened. At the very least, you could made some wise crack about cutting a wet edge.