Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fighting Prawns

Hmmmm - shrimp. Jumbo Prawns. Went to a Xanh's Vietnamese Restaurant in Mtn View last night. Very tasty.

Ahi Tuna Tartar was very nice - the sauce overpowered the raw tuna a bit, making it difficult to taste the tuna beneath it. But still quite tasty.

Shaking Beef - filet mignon with a special marinade, cubed, grilled and served on a bed of greens. Nava loved it, and I thought it was a good way to eat greens!

Fighting Prawns - 5 Whole Jumbo Prawns, lightly battered in a spicy coating, and then deep fried. After I had the first one, I started nibbling on the swimmer legs on the underside of the next one, as otherwise you didn't get to taste the batter much, other than by liking your fingers. I loved them. Nava was a bit grossed out by the liquid that drizzled out of the head cavity, so next time, I think I'll dehead all of them, and just give her the tail.

Very tasty overall - and I think it moved into our top 5 restaurants, which include Bridgette's, Dish Dash, and Shiki Sushi.


CherkyB said...

What, no "Bless the Bay Area for its cuisine diversity!"?

Nava said...

Hey, you forgot to mention the wonderful and highly authentic Bistro Vida in Menlo Park.
And now we have a new favorite:
Zibibbo, in Palo Alto.
Quite expensive, and a bit pretentious (well, it is in Palo Alto, what do you expect?!) but glorious food.
Oh yes, and definitely Bless the Bay Area for its cuisine diversity - only I wish someone would open a good Israeli restaurant (no, not Fallafel. Real food!)