Saturday, April 14, 2007

Entertained Hamsters for Decades...

Had to run to the bathroom tonight. Day after Nava's birthday - meant to go out to dinner, but Nava was avoiding her singing group, and didn't feel like going out. So I made dinner - and opened some wine. And a 2nd bottle. And then the news game on.

I'm still laughting about it - newscaster said something, at which point Nava said "Hamsters"? Item was "Entertained fans for decades" - Nava heard "Enterained Hamsters for decades."

First time in 5 year in which Nava made a slip in English as funny as some of mine in Hebrew. I laughed, I cryed, I ran for the bathroom to pee.

And then I blogged it.

I can't translate my 10-100 truly hilarious mis-speaks in Hebrew, as they're not funny in English. Ma-heeg Aleek. That's what I saw on Nava's phone one time - should have been something like "Maheg Alecha", which means "Unknown Caller". But, for some reason, "Maheeg Aleek" made Nava pull-over and call her sister.

Anyway - Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

And yes - Don Ho entertained Hamsters for Decades!


JohnnyB said...

Nava delayed trying to defend herself, and decided to seal some things she was creating for her art.

Then she tried to make me feel guilty about my blog, and tried to give me a look. Except it was hilarious - she looked like a Hamster, and I pulled an Attia (her maiden name), and laughed so hard I farted. A known Attia prediliction.

I laughed, I cryed, I farted.

Hamsters - still brings a tear to my eyes.

Nava said...

Well - in my defense, and for the record, I wasn't fully paying attention.
I heard "...who trained hams for years", which I thought was a neat shortening for hamsters, and couldn't quite understand why would anyone want to train hamsters for years, and what was he training them for?

I like this version much more than "entertained fans for years".

Poor Don Ho.

And yet, The JohnnyB's Mahig Alik incident was much, much more hysterically funny!
Until today, some of my friends still give John regards from Mahig...

Rhonda said...

That is funny!
A good chuckle.

He got ya Nava!

Nava said...

Whose side are you, Rhonda? ;-)

Rhonda said...

I have a feeling this could be a top ten for 2007 posting?

I'm on your side Nava but Johnnyb's comedic spin on your twist of tongue really got me laughing.

MichaelBains said...

And then I blogged it.

Otherwise it would not have been real.

Maliga m'lecha ha ha (what???) and congrats on 64 Days and countin'!!!

Nava said...

Yeah, well, as The JohnnyB said, it will get lost in translation.

The words "Mehayeg Eleykha" mean 'calling you'. The JohnnyB thought it was someone's name.

For Hebrew speakers, it's hysterically funny. Much funnier than entertaining hamsters or any other rodent for that matter.

Rhonda said...

Hey Johnnyb very cool new picture!!!

Valerie said...

Congrats on the smoke free life…
I hope you have a worldwide ceremony planned for when he reaches his 100th day, Nava!!

Nava said...

Love the new picture, The JohnnyB!
That was one cool doggie, who played the tour guide and insisted on accompanying us as we were walking along the most beautiful secluded beach in Grenada.

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