Sunday, October 29, 2006

What is dust made of?

Haven't blogged in a couple of weeks, mostly because I've had nothing interesting to write about. But, if I use that as an excuse, then maybe I should have never started the blog....

Nava and I are grand-aunt and uncles yet again - her nephew Shai, and his wife Tamar, had a daughter (first grand niece), Yalli. And, her niece Liron, and her husband Yossi, had a second son.

Finally got around to bottling the Tongue Splitter a couple of nights ago - about 2 weeks after I meant to, but it's done. Have the labels mostly designed - just need to tweak it a bit. Here's the working draft of the label - not quite happy with the text positioning / curve, but it'll end up with these basic components. Big changes are moving the HallerBrau name / logo to the left, and adding some art work of Nava's as the main image. I don't know this guy, but he looks like a hop-head to me!

There's other bloggers who've made Northern Brewer's Tongue Splittler, and blogged about it. Thanks to Nava for sending me the URLs:

Flying off to Bangalore, India next Friday (Nov 3rd), for a 1 week b-trip. Had to get my passport renewed, get a business Visa for India, get a few shots, etc. Should be a fun trip, but don't really have anytime for sight seeing.

And we finally got around to getting a new printer. The old HP Office-Jet all-in-1 was finally unable to ever print good looking results (clogged print heads, I think). After a bit of research, we settled on the Canon Pixma MP600 - it's also an all-in-1, but only print / copy / scan, no fax. It's based on the same 'Fine Print' print head (~3.8k inkjet nozzles) and 'ChromaLife' inks (100yr fade resistant) that Consumer Reports rated top notch, but in between (feature and price wise) the two CR highest ratings (the Canon Pixma MP450 and Pixma MP800).

So - what is dust made of? Mostly the detritus of people, kind of like this blog. Bits of this, bits of that.


Nava said...

"some art work of Nava's"?
"some art work of Nava's"???

Hmm... I wonder what would happen if I refer to your beer as "some brown liquid of John's".

JohnnyB said...


You use their art (watercolor painting in this case), thinking that it's pretty great. Is that enough? No - you have to continually say how wonderful it is, and what a wonderful person she is, and how lucky you are she shares you life.

To all women - if you create something, and we use it, hang it, show it to friends, or even just look at if for more than 2 seconds, that means we really like it.

It's like changing the oil in your car, or building / assembling a piece of furniture for you. Our actions show our love.

And so does homebrew - when we brew, we love you. When we drink the beer we brewed, and get that twinkle in our eye, we really love you!

CherkyB said...

"Some brown liquid of John's" is probably a great description of his brew. It certainly isn't beer, cuz you can't mix up beer from concentrate.

StinkyJ once complained that I used my blog to argue with my wife too much. I'd say the same here, except then you wouldn't have comments from anyone but me.

Nava said...

See - that's the difference between boys and girls:
Boy writes about the features of the printer in 2 sentences.
Girl writes an endless Blog about everything around it, and sneaks in a lamp video.