Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Are you somewhere in the middle?

Thanks to SillyHumans for the heads up.

Problem with politics in the United States is the 2 parties are entrenched, and represent their more extreme followers than their majorities. To keep their 3 Sigma vocal minority happy, what WE get is either

    a government which does little, when you have a president from 1 party, and a congress controlled by the other


    a unrepresentative government, when party A controls both the presidency and congress, which does what their "core" (aka 3 sigma vocal minority) want, and ignores the majority.

Big issue is that both the Democrats and the Republicans benefit from this system, since it splits the power somewhat evenly between the two of them, and reduces the amount of pressure to really solve problems, since they can frequently blame it on only controlling 1 part of government.

But what if we break the power base of the 2 parties?


CherkyB said...

Does my unity ticket come with free, super-saver shipping?

MichaelBains said...

But what if we break the power base of the 2 parties?

Why did I get the urge to "muhuhuhahahaha!" there? {-;

Well said, amigo!

I was actually just signing up on the U'08 site before stoppin' by.

To keep their 3 Sigma vocal minority happy, what WE get is a (n)either.

(You did mean to have an "n" in there, right? If not, I still get what yer saying.)

No matter our differences, we're really all the same. So how do we let them divide us so very easily?

By treating Wealth as Speech.

Is a contention I'll back 'til proven wrong. Ie, 'til the day I die, eh.

BTW, nice seasonal avatar ya got there JohnnyB. I love those moving .gifs, but have yet to try an' make one o' my own. My chimpster was found on teh interwebs somewhere.

MichaelBains said...

Oops! I see why I thought the "n" was missing.


JohnnyB said...

MB - What missing 'n'? Gotta love destroying evidence of your past mistakes.

One of the cool features of Nava's LumiB is the burst mode, where you can keep shotting, 3 frames per second, until the card is full.

CherkyB - yes, joining up w/ Unity08 does come w/ free shipping. Even donating does!

Rhonda said...

gotta look into it more...not convinced Americans could actually be that a word?
no, I think not. Anywhoo, I think when people have strong convictions and they are opposing that makes for lots of nonunity.
ya know?

Rhonda said...

Have you decided to combine your two blogs?
I keep checking your other one and nothin.

The Friendly Grizzly said...

I looked at the list of folks they call "fabulous" and I see one common thing: the "fabulous" ones are all gun-grabbers, or quite liberal. No thanks.

Reading some of the comments, I see someone seriously entertains the idea of an Obama/Bloomberg ticket. One man with absolutely no record of accomplishment in office. The other a nanny-state "I know what's best for you" type isolated from the real world behind the tinted glass of his chaufeur-driven limo and 24-hour body guards.

Same old same old. Again: no thanks.