Monday, December 18, 2006

Tagging, comments and somteimes it's best to just shut up...

I knew I was going to regret it, when Nava got Blog tagged. I convinced Nava to *not* tag me, but I guess Rhonda ran out of Blog folks in our circle to tag, so she broke down and tagged me.

IMO, tagging is right up there with chain letters and urban legends. I don't pass them on. My choice.

On the good side, Rhonda's tag got me to go visit her blog, and she has a link to a very amazing picture of the Northern Lights (here - click on "Astronomy Picture of the Day")

CherkyB says this is "meta blogging", or doing a blog where all you do is point to other stuff on the net.

Yep. That's what it is. Rhonda - thanks for doing it. It's a great picture.

CherkyB - shut up. This is one of those very simple cases where if you don't like it, don't click on it. Get tagged and don't like it? Don't answer it. Got something better to blog? Just do it.

Speaking of shutting up, CherkyB - when you got Tagged, you did it, but didn't pass it on. Cool. But on the way, you decided to complain about the Blog that Nava tagged you in, saying it was "long, rambling, and difficult to read...". As opposed to your Tag-This. which I'd give a 2 out of 10 on the scale of interesting blogs.

Just slightly higher than all of those Malaysian teenagers talking about where they were hanging out with their friends. Or the stupid Lamborgini info, and the Bestest Blog of All times (link specifically not included, as I really hate that blog, and the way it hijacks the "Next Blog" button).

So, lighten up Francis. I'm sure there are folks who enjoy the Malaysian teenager blogs, the Ferrari sites, and even sometimes my blog. Lots of us enjoy your blogs quite often. When you had a funny day, or your Something Not to Do. When the best thing you've got to blog about is something you don't like on someone else's blog, it's time to just shut up.

And yes, I realize this whole post it a bit hypocritical. Like giving a kid a smack to tell him to stop hitting his brother / sister. But sometimes that's what it takes.


CherkyB said...


CherkyB said...

And maybe you should consider, just consider, going with a slightly wider column width for this post. I certainly don't want you to think I'm criticizing your post, as I know you get very emotional about that, especially with all the pressure around the holidays. But I'm not sure you really intended for a post that renders itself with a width of about 30 characters in both Firefox and IE.

Rhonda said...

TheJohnnyB, I love it!!!!!
>big smile<

רינת said...

דיר ג'ון
NOW יו רילי דיזרב מיי פייבוריט סנטנס !EIZE HAMOOOOOOOD JON
איי וונט טו רימיינד יו: וון יו פרסט קיים טו ויזיט אס, איי גייב יו סוקס ויז פו הולד'ז האני, אנד איי אסקד יו (מינינג איי אורדרד יו) זט איף יו טייק נאוה ארה"בה ווצ' הר לייק א פרשס ג'ורי & קיפ הר קרפולי ביכוז שי איז מיי וואן אנד אונלי האני סיסטר.

איי רד נאוה'S טרנסליישן וויצ' הלפד מי טו REREAD יור בלוג. ...MA-HA-OO-LO, NAF-NE-FOO-LO, SIMOO-LO שאפו!! איט ווז ג'סט אין טיים טו ריאקט וון זה BARZEL OD LOHET. איי לייקד יור סנטנס אבאוט נוט קליקינג איף היא דזנ'ט וונט טו ריד אצטרה.. אין זה MISHNA ווי סיי סמטינג לייק MILA BESHEKEL SHTIKA BETREY אנד מיי מזר לייקד טו סיי: יו'ל נבר ריגרט אבאוט וורדז יו (מנט טו בט)דידנ'ט סד.

איט רילי סימז טו מי זט בראין נאו ריגרטס א לוט & איי'מ שור הי'ל סינק טוייס ביפור היא ספיטס היז פוייזן (וויצ' מייבי לידס הים טו הב מור פרדנס).
פראוד אוב יו, רינת.

MichaelBains said...

What רינת said. Umm.. Maybe.