Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Butt Horn

Scooter had a funny comment while he was doing his "death-watch" and sitting outside in the Smokers Patio, talking to me as I got my nicotene fix.

Being a svelt fella, he said maybe I need a "Butt-Horn" to help me into the seat.

Could have a travel version, to help people get into airplane seats.

Then I said it's a good thing CherkyB isn't here, or he'd say there something like "That's not what you use a butt horn for. Like a shoe horn - you don't use it to get a shoe into something, you use it for getting your foot into the shoe. So a butt horn is used for...". But, CherkyB wasn't there, so I had to be the funny guy. Scooter has his moments, but needs a prop or two.

I Google'd "Butt Horn", and saw this cute cartoon, which brings up the 3rd option for Butt Horn - tooting out a song. Of course, the song is just a bonus.

It's amazing how many Google hits you get for "Butt Horn" OR "Butt-horn" OR "Butthorn" - I got 1750, including a lot where it's used as an insult. Don't ask me, but Butt Head seems like a better insult than Butt Horn. Call me a Butt Horn and I'll just wonder what exactly you're trying to say.

And a few random words for the crawlers - blue icicle lights, random orbital sander, give peas a chance.


JohnnyB said...

And for you comment readers, the image that made me remember Scooter's somewhat funny Butt Horn comment.

From MoHDI (Millions of Hundred Dollar Ideas) - they're still a few hundred thousand short. And this isn't that funny, but it sparked today's blog:

Nava said...

Ah, The JohnnyB, as tasteful as ever, and so easily entertained...

Never heard of Scooter's "death-watch" before!
Good thing I read your blog.

CherkyB said...

How is it working out for you to have to be the funny guy? Are you getting any better at at yet?

JohnnyB said...

Nah, I don't think I'm getting any better. Not having you around makes me seem funnier, but then people remember you, and get a sad look in their eyes...

Nava said...

Oaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww - that is so sweeeeeeet!
I guess that in a way, I am lucky to have never met the legend.
Life ACB (After CherkyB) just doesn't see to be the same for those who have experienced the BCB era.

Sanjay said...

I want to this is my first comments all the best.

Anonymous said...

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