Thursday, November 30, 2006

Funny Ads...

Over at Nava's blog, she's got a tall "Jesus Ad" on the left side, where you can find Masterworks of Religious Art. Funny thing is, if you're one of Nava's friends, the picture they show there is about the last thing you'd want.

Wonder how many people will click through just to see what other stuff they have that you can be amused by? I did, and found out it's for a "Family Art" place, and they has an "LDS Welcome" section. Wonder if CherkyB can finally get his magic underwear there? Or am I not supposed to talk about that fantasy of his?

Best Ads I've had, over on my purely political ranting site - What Part Of... (which I should probably just merge with this one) were for "Nude Lebanese Women" or "Nude Israeli Women", when I was blogging about the Israeli / Hezbollah war in the summer. Bummer that neither ad seemed to work. Or so I heard.

CherkyB has been getting some boring ads - including one for "American Girl", which, for those of you without daughters, or nieces, or outside the US, is a US doll manufacturing that has the whole merchandising thing down - dolls, tons of accessories, stories about your particular doll, etc. Good thing CherkyB's got a daughter, or we'd all be worried. After his "I love animals too" blog, you tend to get wonder where these things are going!

Nava just told me she had a really funny one - something about memory loss, but she can't quite remember. Then she said "I don' t know why they picked it." Maybe blogger watches how long it takes you to blog, and decided it was a memory problem, sweetie!

I wonder what the blog crawlers pull out to target ads for, or do they just pull everything, and then look for unique words. Like fascist, chrome, fighter jet, windows vista, Fred Flinstone.


Nava said...

Hey - you are the very last person on this galaxy - and the rest of them - to give someone a hard time about blogging.

Don't even go there!

CherkyB said...

When did you start blogging again?