Saturday, November 18, 2006

Insanity next door...

Belmont, CA's proposed smoking ban is not law yet, but is setting a dangerous precedent.

This time, it appears to be the CA Democrats that are losing their minds. First it was disagree with the Bush Whitehouse, go to jail. Now it's do something I don't like, go to jail.

Someone's smoke bothers you - ban it. Yes, 2nd hand smoke causes cancer, and kills some people. So does obesity and heart disease. Next up, are we going to ban fatty foods and demand everyone get so much exercise per week? Is that enough? What if I eat a lot, and follow the minimum rules for exercise, so am still overweight. Will they mandate exactly how much anyone can weigh?

Smoking inside buildings can be very annoying - I'll grant that. But banning smoking in all outside public areas as well? Don't like the smell, walk your ass 10' away.

I wonder how long it is before Belmont bans Republicans (war causes death, and Republicans cause war, right?), poor people (a majority of criminals are from poor families, so get rid of poor families, and you'll get rid of criminals). How about contact with other people? If one person's smoking bothers you, or their political believes, their music, art, etc., let's just ban having people physically able to see / smell / hear / touch each other.

That'll solve all of their problems for the short term. Bonus for the rest of us is that they wouldn't have many kids, not being able to touch anyone else. They could do some thru AI (artificial insemination), but that would still require some interaction between people, wouldn't it?

PS Came back to do some spell checking - Blogger Beta's spellchecker doesn't like Whitehouse - it recomments "White house", "White horse", "Whorehouse" and "Wodehouse". Gotta love it!


brian_cherkauer said...

Sounds like you could use a big mug of Minty Fresh.

CherkyB said...

You complaint reminded me of something funny Michael Savage said on his radio show a couple weeks ago. He was talking about how he never uses a public drinking fountain, and he was ranting about kids who put their mouths on the fountain. It went something like this: "All you ever heard was, 'Don't put your mouth on the fountain. Don't put your mouth on the fountain.' But you remember how there were those kids who always put their mouths on the fountain and tried to suck the water out? Those kids who were so stupid that they couldn't understand not to put their mouths on the fountain? Those people are all Democrats now."

Nava said...

Interesting, those Belmont people.
Doesn't surprise me even one bit, though.
I used to take a stone-carving class in Belmont, and the first thing the teacher did was enlighten me that I was a sculptor in previous life, hence her sole purpose is to give me permission to carve in this life as well... She would also cut her hair based on when and how her psychic told her to do it.
I think I was the only one in class who did not go to the psychic fair.
Always the outsider, that's me.

Needles to say, I did not last long on the class.

Like, pppffffrrrrrr, if I was a sculptor in previous life, why do I need to pay again?

Nava said...

I think what they should do next is ban plug-blogging.

Rhonda said...

an issue that is more than noteworthy to rant!!!

Rhonda said...

Today has an excellent article, Why I Smoke
by Dennis Prager